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Affordable News Submission Service

Package Prices are 20~30% lower than competitors'

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  • What we do

    Asia Presswire offers customized online press release distribution including Direct-to-Editors e-mail delivery to targeted media editors at newspapers, magazines and broadcast outlets (TV and news/talk radio). We also cooperate with major wire services like Reuters, AP and aggregators like Google News, Bing News, LexisNexis...

    Asia Presswire is trying to give affordable price for clients. The lowest package is less than $50. Some packages' prices are only 1/3~1/4 of our competitors'. Every PR will be submitted to thousands of PR siteswebsites worldwide, including some top sites like NY Times, Washington Post, Huffington Post & Figaro with reasonable price.

    The other feature of Asia Presswire' s PR solution is that clients can customize their package by industries or regions or languanges. The region includes Japan, South Korea, China, USA, UK, CA, AU, DE & many other countries. The PR could be translated to English, French, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese & Spanish.